5 Must-Have Modern Kitchen Appliances For Fall 2022

Fall is here and you’re probably in dire need of new appliances for your modern kitchen! Your appliances should be placed where they can be easily seen, used, and enjoyed by friends and family. With a busy lifestyle, it’s important to make sure that your appliances are serving their purpose. They should look good, perform well, and last a long time.

Now is the perfect time to update your kitchen and stock up on some new appliances that will make cooking a breeze. Whether you are upgrading from a microwave oven or just starting from scratch, here’s a list of must-have kitchen appliances for the upcoming fall season (and beyond)!

BBQ Grills

Fall’s biggest trend — the grill. From a backyard cookout to a romantic backyard dinner, there’s no better way to celebrate the season than with good food, great company and an endless supply of grilled treats . . . unless it snows. There are many different grills out there and you’ll want to find one that works for your needs, especially when it comes to storage and cleanup. Whether you’re looking for a fire pit for backyard parties or an outdoor oven for baking bread or pizza dough, our wide range will satisfy all your grilling needs.


Wall Ovens

Nothing says fall better than ovens in your modern kitchen! You can use them for baking, broiling and roasting meat — really anything that needs to be cooked over an open flame! For people who don’t have room for an actual stovetop, wall ovens are an excellent alternative to traditional electric ovens. They’re typically much smaller than standard stoves, but they still offer the same amount of space for baking and roasting. Have a look at our collection of wall ovens and take your pick!

Range and Stove

If you’re looking for a versatile appliance that can handle any cooking task from simmering stews and soups to baking cookies and cakes, a range is the way to go. But if you have limited space in your kitchen, you may want to consider a stovetop smoker instead. A smoker can be used as an oven when it’s turned on the grill setting and placed on your stovetop over a pan of water or oil. While La Cornue range is the perfect combination of tradition and technology, you can also consider brands like Miele, Signature Kitchen Suite or BlueStar range from Castle Kitchen’s assortment.


Wine Storage and Cabinets

If you’re a wine lover or have friends who are, this is the perfect time to invest in some quality wine storage racks and cabinets for your home. You can find shelves that fit just about any size bottle or decanter, with space for corkscrews and glasses too! From built-in wine preservation columns to heritage wine stations, our kitchen cabinet sale section has it all.

Coffee machines

If you’re a coffee lover, then you know how important it is to have the right coffee machine for fall season. You’ll need to brew up a cup of coffee before heading out the door. Luckily, there are many different types of coffee machines available at one of the best kitchen showrooms in Canada to meet your needs and keep you warm this season. Browse our brewing coffee machines range now!


The best part of fall is all the delicious foods you can get your hands on. From pumpkin to pecan pie, there are tons of seasonal foods that we can’t wait to try. There are many appliances people use to make their food in a better way. However these that we listed above are the five most important upgrades for a modern kitchen. What do you think?

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