BlueStar Appliances Canada

Bluestar Kitchen Appliances Canada

BlueStar Ranges, Cooktops, Wall Ovens, Hoods, and Refrigerators deliver the performance serious cooks demand and need. From endless colors to unique trims and configurations, BlueStar Appliances enhance the look and feel of any modern kitchen.

Castle Kitchens And Appliance is an Authorized Dealer of BlueStar Appliances in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Our complete collection of BlueStar products lineup include: Ranges, Rangetops, Cooktops, Wall Ovens, Broilers, Refrigerators, And Hoods.

With BlueStar Appliances, you can completely customize your kitchen suite to meet your lifestyle needs. Their Kitchen Appliances are as beautiful as they are functional, and the refrigerators offer both convenience and complete design flexibility.

Unlimited Customization

BlueStar Custom Knob Trim

BlueStar appliances are available in a painter’s palette of colors and finishes. Select from 1,000+ colors plus textured finishes to turn up the heat on discerning kitchen design.

Their ranges can be tailored to suit your own cooking preferences. Choose from models that offer integrated cooktop accessories, including built-in griddles, charbroilers, and French Tops.

Personalize your kitchen with your favorite colors, knobs, doors, cooking surfaces and more.

You can also Custom Design a Range with the burners and choose where you want them.

10 metal trim options including copper, brass and stainless steel, available on much of our cooking equipment and ventilation plus their new refrigeration line, add a unique richness and warmth to your kitchen. Match a favorite pot or tile and create a unique style with these additional touches.

Unleash your inner designer and create kitchen appliances that complement your personal kitchen décor.

The Customization is Unlimited.

Why Choose Blue Star Appliances?

If cooking feeds your soul, BlueStar Kitchen Appliances can satisfy and is the best choice to go with. They craft every burner, shape each door and hinge and hone every detail to fuel your passion.

Enjoy restaurant-quality results at home with BlueStar Appliances.

BlueStar Performance Option


Robust power and unrivaled precision demanded by serious home cooks.

  • 25,000 BTU burner ranges
  • Dual-compressor refrigeration
  • Pro-style ventilation
BlueStar Craftsmanship


High-caliber construction. Unparalleled function. 140 years of expertise.

  • Handcrafted in Pennsylvania since 1880
  • Exceptionally durable construction
  • Commercial-grade materials
BlueStar Customization Option


Elevated style defined by your unique design sensibilities.

  • 1,000+ colors and textured finishes
  • 10 metal trim options
  • Custom cooktop and door configurations

BlueStar BSP366B 36 Inch Platinum Gas Range

BlueStar BSP366B 36 Inch Freestanding Platinum Gas Range

The Platinum Series Gas Range offers unsurpassed power and performance for discerning home chefs who demand restaurant-quality results.

Product Features

  • 25,000 BTU PrimaNova™ open burners
  • Six burners, plus innovative Interchangeable Griddle/Charbroiler
  • Gentle 130° simmer burner
  • Integrated wok cooking
  • True European Convection oven – fits 18″ x 26″ baking sheet
  • PowR Oven for 40% faster preheating
  • 1850° infrared broiler
  • Available in 1,000+ colors and finishes
  • Handcrafted in Pennsylvania since 1880

BlueStar RNB484GV2 48 Inch Gas Range

BlueStar RNB484GV2 48 Inch Gas Range

The newly redesigned RNB Series features restaurant quality performance and nearly unlimited customization options.

BlueStar’s most customizable line, the RNB Series is available with integrated griddles, charbroilers,
French tops and swing doors plus your choice of over 1,000+ colors.

Product Features

  • 22,000 BTU UltraNova™ open burners
  • 30,000 BTU integrated griddle
  • Precise 130° simmer burner
  • Choose from all burners or add integrated griddle, charbroiler or French Top
  • Integrated wok cooking
  • Extra-large convection oven – fits 18″ x 26″ commercial baking sheet
  • 1850° infrared broiler
  • Available in 1,000+ colors & finishes plus swing doors
  • Handcrafted in Pennsylvania since 1880

BlueStar appliances are known for manufacturing quality restaurant quality appliances and have maintained a good reputation throughout the years.

These Beautiful appliances will give you the ultimate cooking experience and customization options so you can personalize your kitchen with your favorite colors, doors, and knobs. Select from over 1,000 colors plus textured finishes to choose from.

And so, if you have any question about BlueStar Canada Products Prices, Parts, installation or specifications, please feel free to email us at [email protected] or call us at (905) 944-0060.

Visit our huge kitchen Showroom and unleash your inner chef.

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