How To Choose The Right Vanity For Your Bathroom

Bathroom vanities have gone beyond providing storage and hiding plumbing. It has become a must-have in any stylish bathroom serving countless usefulness just like your kitchen cabinets. Bathroom vanities no doubt is the center of attraction and one that immediately catches the attention when you walk in. This means a bathroom vanity can either make or mar your overall bathroom design and that is why you want to get it right at the first time.

However, when it comes to modern bathroom vanities Toronto, there are a wide range of options that, picking the right one for your bathroom can be both overwhelming and confusing. That is why we put together these expert tips to choosing the right bathroom vanities for your dream bathroom.

Understand The Dimensions Of Your Bathroom

The first thing to consider when planning on your bathroom vanity is the amount of space you have in your bathroom to accommodate it. This means you have to know the dimensions and the floor space available. Hence, before diving to the vanity store, first get down to measurements using your measuring tape to know the length and width of the floor in order to reveal the footprint of your bathroom vanity. This is to say, If you have a small bathroom, a wide bathroom vanity countertop won’t do and you might have to go for ones with soft round edges in order for your bathroom not to appear cramped.

Consider The Potential Obstacles To Determine The Placement

It’s all well and good until you are met with obstacles that won’t let your vanity be great. That is why you need to put into consideration anything that might stand in the way before installing your vanity. The walls, the doors, the shower swimgs, the plumbing, the flow of traffic are part of the many of the potential obstacles that will greatly determine placement of the bathroom vanity. Is there still space when the bathroom door is opened or closed? If the vanity has doors, are spaces left for the user when the doors are opened? How close or far is the toilet to the vanity? This is something you definitely don’t want to bump into while using the toilet. How about the shower door? More importantly, where is your existing plumbing located? Plumbing also plays a key role on your vanity placement and making any changes to it comes with extra cost. If this isn’t something you are upto, free standing vanities can always cover up for any irregular plumbing as it requires minimal alterations.

These are things you want to look into when determining the placement of your vanity. Your contractor can walk you through determining areas that will be suitable for your vanity that will not only give you enough access to other areas of the bathroom but also not to leave you bruised from bumping into your bathroom vanity or making major alterations to your bathroom.

Go For Mounting Type That Matches Your Bathroom Design

The major ways of mounting a bathroom vanity include the wall-mounted, the free standing or corner standing with each serving its functions and ideal for different bathroom size and settings. Free standing are the standard style which provides ample space for all your needs with those drawers and cabinets. A great option for master bathroom or a large family. Wall-mounted on the other hand is a good minimalist solution that works well for a bathroom that is limited in space. This is because it is hanging on the wall to free up the floor space while creating an illusion of more space. However, it doesn’t provide much storage space. Not to forget the corner standing one that has been serving bathrooms that are short of space. A smart design providing storage solutions without overtaking the whole room.

Choose The Ones That Can Stand The Wear And Tear

Your vanity will not only have to stand the humid environment (no thanks to those days of hot steamy baths), but will also have to suffer the spills, harsh cleaning products and all. These will tell on materials that are not meant to stand these wear and tear and can alter the durability. Hence, when going for vanity shopping, consider materials that can stand up to any environment and handle whatever life throws at it. Go for ones with credibility of being suited for bathrooms, highly durable, and easy to clean. The good thing is there are premium bathroom vanities that can stand the wear and tear and still meet your needs.

Lastly, It’s Your Bathroom, Go With Your Personal Preferences

There are so many modern bathroom vanity canada flooding the streets. From the traditional style that matches with your antiques, to the sleek spa-like shape that goes well with your modern home decor. There are different bathroom vanity manufacturers coming up with different styles, shapes, colors, materials that sometimes going with your own preferences and tastes is your best bet-that is after you consider the size your bathroom space can accommodate. Afterall, you are creating a bathroom after your own heart and according to what your tastes dictate.

The bottom line is choosing bathroom vanities that meet your needs requires thoughtful planning and effort. These tips are here to help you make the right choice that you and your family will love.

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