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JennAir Canada is a luxury appliance brand that offers a range of high-end kitchen appliances. We carry complete collection of JennAir Canada Appliances including Ranges, Refrigerators, Cooktops, Wall Ovens, And Rangetops.

Our collection includes both Rise And Noir Series Appliances.

JennAir offers full suites in two distinct design expressions. Discover indulgent mixed metals or hidden lace textures.

In 1965, one man challenged an idea that the world accepted as fact. This small rebellion drove progress that changed the kitchen forever.

An expert in the industry of moving air, Lou Jenn defied convention and physics itself to bring downdraft ventilation into our kitchens, eliminating the need for an overhead hood.

For the first time, designers and architects were free to create the kitchen as they saw it: Open. Tearing down walls to create clear, unrestricted sightlines that draw energy in, instead of blocking it out.

JennAir offers seemingly endless creativity and design options, including 34 professional-style range configurations, 14 rangetop configurations, 26 wall oven combinations, over 250 column refrigerator configurations, and a full urban living suite to fit smaller luxe spaces.

JennAir RISE Series Appliances – Detailed Perfection – Designed To Rule

The RISE Appliances Design Expression features warm mixed metals, and dramatic design features that bridge the worlds of professional and posh. This is strength — inextricable from beauty.

Forged in the fires of progress, the RISE design expression towers over stagnant, uninspired designs that have inherited undeserved standing.

Rise features warm mixed metals, and dramatic design features that bridge the worlds of professional and posh. This is strength — inextricable from beauty.

Detailed Perfection
Dual-stacked burners, precision drilled from solid brass. Asymmetric diamond grips etched in solid steel constructions. This is a new standard of excellence.

Smooth, textured, touchable. Wrapped in a riveting reverse knurl, these handles were made to be grasped.

JennAir NOIR Series Appliances

Minimalist Silhouettes
An endless expanse of dark glass awaits, veiling the face of the appliance from shadowed edge to edge.

Touchable textures. Knobs with secrets to be discovered. Details that intrigue from across the room, compelling you to draw near and trace the fluid curves.

The reflective handles are supple, engaging the senses with inscribed lace that flows in and out of view— daring you to indulge.

Illuminated by over 650 LEDs, this dark finish erupts with reflective, high-contrast style. Reject the unfeeling, lifeless vessel of harsh steel. Let fine foods emerge like vibrant art, begging to be devoured.

JennAir Ranges

Jenn-Air Ranges

JennAir Noir or Rise ranges, are the most advanced stoves you will find on the marketplace today.

The technology in JennAir Ranges is very impressive.

Bend fire to your will. Grills, griddles, brass burners. Dual fuel or gas. Available in Three widths including 30″, 36″, And 48″ Widths. Four unique oven combinations. With 34 total configurations available.

Add steam into the mix and lock in texture, flavour and nutrients as it envelops your meal. Insert dishes one, two, three at a time ‒ flavours don’t mingle here.

A halo of luminary LEDs glows softly when the burner is lit or the oven is on.

Two stacked, symmetrical flames bloom and retreat at your inclination, offering total control over heat levels. High-heat searing and wok cooking. Low, slow simmer and melt. Infinite intermediate settings satisfy every appetite.

With step-by-step support, savour the full culinary experience backed by customized algorithms, featuring full-colour food photography, doneness levels, pan types and menu-specific tips.

JennAir Refrigerators

Discover the seamless built-in refrigeration with optional custom panels that blend into cabinetry, designed to keep ingredients superbly fresh.

Open your eyes to a column that redefines refrigeration. Daring Obsidian interior, triple-sensor climate, and smart home integration — our most provocative column refrigeration. Satisfy cravings in the quiet cool, which is controlled by precise calibration from three sensors. Revel in the daring Obsidian interior illuminated by light that comes alive as you touch the controls.

Daring Obsidian Interior
Inspired by volcanic glass, this dark finish erupts with reflective, high-contrast style. Stop the whitewashing. Let fine foods emerge like vibrant art, begging to be devoured

TwinFresh Climate Control System
This system creates two distinct environments, ideal for both fresh and frozen foods’ different preservation needs. It creates cool, humid air in the refrigerator and produces dry, frigid air in the freezer.

JennAir Cooktops

Discover countertop cooktops that integrate seamlessly into your kitchen design. JennAir cooktops come in styles and configurations that fit your look and culinary preferences.

A bold look. Commercial-style details. Powerful burners. Offering precise heat control, ideal for many cooking techniques.

Indulge your untamed appetite for more with a radiant cooktop that unleashes heat at your command. Experience a surface that ascends to new levels of power and precision. Potent. Palatable. A force to be reckoned with.

Combining the precision of gas with the look of electric, induction cooktops are highly responsive as well as energy efficient. Break the confines of traditional elements with dynamic cooking elements.

Unfettered by borders, dynamic elements respond to multiple sizes, making the cooktop your place to let loose.

Pair with customized cooktops for more flavours to try and more ways to experience a surface that defies the mundane.

Sealed brass burners. Precise, dual flames. Unmistakable firepower erupting through cast-iron grates.

Turn on the heat without the click-click clamour, and seal and simmer to satisfy your deepest hunger.

Design your own destiny. Gas. Induction. Wok. Griddle. Downdraft or updraft ventilation. Pair any module with select gas and induction cooktops.

JennAir Ovens

Break convention. High-rise studios, home theatres, yachts, you make the call. These 24-inch wall ovens have the features and connectivity of JennAir full-size products, scaled to suit and ready for curation.

Up for anything. Whether you want steam, convection, or both, at 24-inch wide and requiring only a 120-volt connection and no plumbing, these ovens can be installed throughout the home. Let your imagination run wild.

Warming Drawers
A gentle push of the JennAir warming drawer reveals a graceful, tempered glass bottom. Designed to pair perfectly with other Urban Living products, the warming drawer expertly keeps coffee cups, plates, and finished dishes toasty.

What you want, when you want it. The JennAir speed oven combines true convection with microwave energy.
Behind a diamond-brushed stainless steel exterior, broil, bake or warm up anything you dream up.

JennAir Dishwashers

Inside, a storm rages, as relentless power and technology bring every dish and glass to a state of supreme clean. Outside, tranquility, with sleek lines wrapped in high design. Experiential ease. Tech connected. This is the quietest luxury dishwasher brand.

This removable, adjustable top-most third rack holds unwieldy spatulas, whisks and ladles, or can be used for overflow silverware.


The strong and stable type. This adjustable lower rack glides smoothly on high-end rails.

38 dBA – Tranquility
Listen to the hush. At 38 dBA, JennAir® is the quietest luxury dishwasher brand, all without sacrificing performance.

No need to choose between brilliant cleaning, water/energy reduction or quiet operation because our dishwashers deliver all three. Three-stage filtration, pressurized wash arms and alternating wash action in two zones yield superlative results.


Take your pick and inspire envy with commercial, wall mount, island mount, or downdraft ventilation.

Style prevails with a brushed stainless steel finish that underscores your affairs.

Wallmount Ventilation
The hood will blend seamlessly into your kitchen as a swirling vortex captures, scrubs and recirculates the air quietly.

Island Mount Ventilation
Provides optimal proximity to the cooking surface below, allowing for efficient ventilation.

Under Cabinet Ventilation
Low profile hoods offer a more minimal-looking installation by installing directly underneath the cabinet situated above your cooking surface.

JennAir kitchen appliances are known for being visually stunning and a manufacturer that dares to go against the grain with creative designs and innovative features that are nothing short of luxury.

If you have any questions about JennAir parts, stoves, prices or specifications, please contact our customer service at (905) 944-0060 or visit our showroom in Toronto (Markham), Ontario, Canada. Castle Kitchens And Appliance is an Authorized JennAir Canada Dealer in the Greater Toronto Area.

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