Kitchen Hoods: Why You Have To Get One

Amazingly delicious dishes, beautifully planned brunches, potluck pies and the way their fragrance fills up the room with the aroma of the spices that deliver a kick of taste on the tongue and sometimes sweet delicacies that melt in the mouth leaving a nice sugary taste in your mouth. Isn’t amazing the pots and pans would empty but the scent of what was in them? Oh no no no…

Now of course, that sweet aroma amazes you. But of all the times you burnt the mac and cheese or over grilled the salmon…. Or how about the grease sticking on the side of your burners? Not so pleasant any more, is it? Well, we understand the beauty of the good times, and of course the not so good ones too.

And more importantly, we care about your health and hygiene. And that is why Castle Kitchen from Brampton we’re introducing Kitchen Hoods that take care of both.

Our line of well designed and made to fit specification kitchen hoods, exhaust hoods, or range hoods hang perfectly above the stove or cooktop in the kitchen. Not only do they make sure that airborne grease, combustion products, fumes, smoke, heat, and steam from the air doesn’t enter your lungs by evacuating and filtering them but also complement your kitchen aesthetically giving it the designing you wish to see.

Here’s why you should definitely get one & not just because we said so:

Aesthetically Appealing:

Okay, hold up and listen. As cliché as it sounds, range hoods don’t only serve the purposes they are destined for. There’s a lot more to them. Especially when adding to the view of the scape. As an example, if you decide to buy a stainless steel range hood, you would want every part of it to match that metal appearance, right? And when it does do so, we’re sure you’ll thank us for it. I mean, atleast we hope so.


Try opting for a filter made with aluminum/stainless steel/mild steel since it would be more durable than possibly all the other types. Not only does it restricts bending easily but is also reusable.

More Air Flow:

The gaps between each metal panel provide a better air flow which will lead to a better performance. When compares to a mesh filter, the baffle filter is hard to get clogged by grease thus the ability to exhaust air can be maintained at a longer period.

Easy To Clean:

All the products in our kitchen range are easy to deal with and don’t ask for much when it comes to maintenance. I mean, we wouldn’t want to give you a tough time, that’s for sure. And we ensure the same for your pocket and budget!

What should you consider when getting one?

When purchasing a range hood, considering aspects like:

  • aesthetic,
  • durability,
  • performance,
  • maintenance.

You need to ensure that the range hoods do their job of filtering grease and cooking odors from the air, and not just looking aesthetic as much as important as it might be to consider the look of it yet you don’t want them being nowhere near as of use. They should be useful enough to remove heat and humidity, so to help you and your kitchen keep your cool while you cook.

If you have never purchased or used a range hood, you might wonder what a range hood is and how does it work?

Basically, the most essential and primary function of a range hood would be to create air flow and thus remove the typical cooking smell, steam, smoke, and heat from your kitchen. Another additional benefit of a range hood is that they also separate and detain cooking grease so that your cabinet and appliances do not get too disorganized and cluttered! After all no one wants their kitchen to look like a post tsunami wreck.

So, if this convinces you enough, be sure to check our products out!

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