Liebherr Promotion

Liebherr Canada promotion

Discover the full LIEBHERR experience with the TRIO-72 fully integrated top of the line column refrigerator, freezer, and wine cooler. SAVE $3,300 Off.

Liebherr TRIO-72 72″ INT SBS FRI/FRZ/WINE, 27.6cu, HRB1120 + HF861 + HW8000

Liebherr Canada promotion

Save $499 Off When you Buy a PAIR of LIEBHERR MONOLITH Columns and receive a complimentary side by side installation kit.

We carry a very impressive collection of Liebherr Fridges and Freezers. The sizes include from 24 inches to 60 inches. Liebherr Refrigerators and Freezers Deliver Outstanding Quality, Design and Innovation.

Liebherr fridges and freezers are outstanding appliances with many extremely useful features that can help you to lead a healthy, modern lifestyle.

Liebherr is a world leader in developing premium quality cooling and refrigeration technologies. Their German engineered kitchen appliances are acclaimed for advanced food preservation, flexibility, design, maximum energy efficiency and ease of use.

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