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Modern design refers to the industrial revolution and manufacturing shifting from ornate designs requiring craftsmen and specialized carpentry to manufacturing with machinery with clean lines and simple construction.

With this concept in mind, modern kitchens have come a long way. Even with the clean lines and minimalistic approach, they can still feel very rich and luxe.

If a Modern Kitchen design appeals to you, then Castle Kitchens is probably the best place to start. Our outstanding expertise will guide you through the entire process of your kitchen remodel. Industrial designs with bold colours, clean lines, stainless steel and other metals are all words that describe Modern Kitchen designs.

The professional kitchen designers at Castle Kitchen will work very closely with you in remodeling or renovating your kitchen into a sleek looking contemporary kitchen. Our commitment to exceed Client expectations is what has made us a leader in the Custom Kitchen Cabinetry Industry.

Modern Kitchen Designs Also Include:

  • Open concept floor plans
  • Mixing Finishes: modern kitchens include various finishes such as walnuts, stainless steel, butcher blocks, plywood, high gloss lacquers, and gass
  • Minimal decor and clean lines
  • Neutral colours with a pop of colour

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