Our Standards

Because we know that your kitchen and bathroom cabinets are an important investment, we assure you that the materials used are of the highest quality. Manufacturing in the factory is done using state-of-the-art equipment allowing for our manufacturing standards to stand out from the industry.

1. Deeper casings

Our top cabinets have a depth of 13 1/2 inches compared to 12 1/2 inches in the competition. For you, this means more space for large format kitchen items like square plates, trend in modern accessories.

2. Thicker Cabiner Shelves

All of our shelves inside the boxes are 3/4 in., which ensures a better weight distribution. The result? Less bending in the center, more resistance under your big chef’s cauldrons: an extended life.

3. Hinges with perfect closure

Bernier cabinet panels are suspended by German-branded top hinges that offer excellent damping properties even for large doors or heavy doors. No more wardrobe breakdown! Welcome hardware lifetime guarantee…elegance as a bonus.

4. Quiet, Quiet Rolling

Our drawers feature exclusive Hettich slides available in North America for extreme lateral stability. The integrated shock absorbers make their closure easy, requiring only a slight thrust. Even when loaded, your drawers will withstand time and will slide smoothly, like on wheels!

5. Cabinets made to last

Our cabinets are assembled with glue and studs for an increased strength. Their 1/2 “thick back has a shrinkage for a perfect fit to your sometimes less perfect walls. The bottom module, completely closed on the top for even more rigidity, improvise work surface…while waiting for your counter.

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