Ilve 40″ UPD40FNMP Nostalgie II Dual Fuel Natural Gas Range (NEW)

Ilve ranges are not just beautiful to look at, they are fully fledged tools with professional performance

This high power burner will boil a pot of water in just a few minutes.

Available In: 30 Inch, 36 Inch, 40 Inch, 48 Inch, And 60 Inch Width

Available Colors: White, Glossy Black, Antique White, Blue, Stainless Steel, Matte Graphite, Burgundy (Red), Emerald Green, And in Custom RAL Color.

Trim Options: Chrome, Bronze, Copper And Brass.

Gas Type Options: Natural Gas Or Liquid Propane

To Order Call For Our Best Price And Speak To A Expert At: 905-944-0060

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Ilve 40″ Nostalgie II Dual Fuel Natural Gas Range

Available Colors: Glossy Black, Matte Graphite, Antique White, Stainless Steel, Blue Grey, Burgundy, Emerald Green, Midnight Blue, White, And in Custom RAL Color.

Trim Options: Brass, Chrome, Copper, And Bronze.

Sizes: 30 Inch, 36 Inch, 40 Inch, 48 Inch, And 60 Inch

Gas Type Options: Natural Gas or Liquid Propane

ILVE Nostalgie II Gas Range
The Nostalgie immediately states its vocation as a range, designed and made for the most demanding, skilled user. Its classic look is enhanced by its frame, offering burners rated up to 15,5000 BTU/h. It is a fully fledged professional range for domestic market.

Over 50 Years of Specialized Cooking System
Their units are directly inspired by professional kitchens where the world’s greatest chefs come up with their gastronomic creations. They’ve also borrowed from the materials used in professional set-ups, such as AISI 304 stainless steel, cast iron, brass and copper – choices that improve the quality of life of our clients. Because cooking well means taking good care of yourself.

High-End Workmanship
Ilve ranges are not just beautiful to look at, they are fully fledged tools with professional performance. The components are subjected to the most stringent, unrelenting quality and reliability control, providing you with a reliable final product. Crafted and assembled by hand because there is no substitute for the expert eye and hand of specialist craftsmen.

Dual Functions Triple Ring Burner
This high power burner will boil a pot of water in just a few minutes. Ideal for lovers of exotic cuisine, it is ideally suited for Chinese wok, as well as large pots and pans. Additionally you can turn off the flames from the outer ring for use as a simmer burner.

Robust Cast Iron Grates
The heavy duty grates form a continuous leveled surface over your cooktop for more stable cooking environment, allowing you to move pots and pans from burner to burner without having to lift them.

Thermocouple Safety Valves
Shuts off the gas supply immediately in case of malfunction or if the burner goes out for extra added safety precaution.

Electric Rotisserie
Included with the drip pan, the electric rotisserie in the oven lets you roast meats while continuous self-basting it is own juices for better taste and tenderness.

Storage/Dishwarmer Drawer
The storage compartment provides an ideal location for storing pots and pans. It also serves as the perfect dishwarmer drawer by using the residual heat from the oven for heating up your plates.

Oven Cooking Functions

  • Pizza Function – Ideal for cooking pizza and bread. Heat is supplied primary from the bottom element which combines with the other elements at low power settings to create the ideal cooking conditions
  • Defrost – Quickly defrost all frozen foods and brings them up to room temperature.
  • Intense Cooking – Quick intensive cooking with steam exhaust. Ideal for foods with a crust, like roast potatoes and vegetables, chicken, salted fish, etc
  • Fan Grill Cooking – Very fast, deep cooking with excellent power savings, ideal for fishes like pork ribs, sausages, kebabs, game, baked pasta, etc.
  • Close Door Grill Cooking – The ideal function for fast, deep cooking for gratins and roast meats, fillets, Florentine steaks, grilled fish and vegetables.
  • Top Cooking – Particularly suited to browning and giving a touch of color to dishes. Ideal for hamburgers, pork chops, steaks, sole, squid, etc.
  • Bottom Cooking – The best function for finishing off a cooking cycle, especially for pastries (biscuits, meringues, risen and fruit pastries, etc.) and other dishes.
  • Normal Static Cooking – The classic oven function, ideal for pork ribs, sausages, cod, braised meat, game, roast and many others.
  • Multiple Fan Cooking – Allows you to cook more than one dish at a time, without their aromas contaminating each other.

Buy Ilve 40″ Nostalgie II Dual Fuel Natural Gas Range in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, From Castle Kitchens. We carry both Majestic And Nostalgie Ranges collection.

Ilve is an Italian brand that has been manufacturing handcrafted, high quality cooking appliances for residential and commercial use since 1952. They’ve earned a reputation for only producing ranges of the highest quality.

ILVE ranges are made using 304 surgical grade stainless steel and are famous their beautiful Italian design.

Shipping is available to all parts of Canada And USA.

Be it a small kitchen space or a large, our professional team will work closely with you in making your dreams come true.

And so, if you are looking a quality range at affordable price consider Nostalgie II Dual Fuel Natural Gas Range by Ilve, and you live in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) or if you have any questions about Ilve Appliances promotions and prices, please feel free to call us at (905) 944-0060 or email us at [email protected] or even better stop by our Kitchen Showroom in Markham, Ontario and get kitchen design help and idea on your next project from our certified design team.

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