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Modern Kitchen

These days a kitchen is always designed with some inspiration with a blend of technology. This kitchen is an inspiration for home owners who have Modern classic décor in mind. This is a sophisticated design with high gloss material and an accent of brushed gold.

This kitchen is for a Townhouse in North York for a family of 4. It is always necessary to understand the needs and demands of the family. When our team first went into the house, we noted that ceiling height was only 7’ and demand list was longer than that.

The easiest thing to decide in the kitchen was appliances, as we were sure that we have to get panel ready fridge and freezer with White oven combination and coffee machine.

In this kitchen we decided to make a custom hood in White with accent of brushed gold and keep some open shelves around to make it look open and elegant, with ultimately achieving a Gorgeous look for the cooking area. Installing the hardwood in the kitchen was a smart choice, as our focus remains on the kitchen.

In the recent times, the island has always been a crucial part of any kitchen. The island was on top of the list of demands for this kitchen as it would serve as a buffet table, working in the kitchen more conveniently. Other than providing sitting for 4 people, the island also has bottom freezer, wine fridge, spice rack, some storage and decorative shelfing.

For the countertop, Quartz was our first preference because of the durability. We decided to go ahead with Hanstone- Strato in 3 cm as the colors worked best with our overall color scheme in the kitchen. The stone is basically a contemporary classic. Crisp white marble with feathery contrasting amber and gold veining, Strato brings to life soft movement with a glossy sheen.

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