Signature Kitchen Suite Canada Promotion

Signature Kitchen Suite summer promotion

Great Savings On Individual Appliances

Offer valid July 15th – August 31st, 2022.

PLUS An Additional $500 Package Discount!

Instant Savings

Eligible Models And Savings

French Door Refrigerators
SKSFD3613S – $300
SKSFD3604P – $3,000

Column Refrigerators + Freezers
SKSCR2401P – $2,000
SKSCR3001P – $2,000
SKSCF1801P – $2,000
SKSCF2401P – $2,000
SKSCF3001P – $2,000

Wine Column Refrigerators
SKSCW181RP – $2,000
SKSCW241RP – $2,000

Under Counter Refrigerators
SKSUD2402P – $1,000
SKSUW2401P – $750

Ventilation Hoods
SKSPH3602S – $750
SKSPH4802S – $750

Eligible Models And Savings

SKSIT3601G $1,400
UPCG3054ST $500
UPCG3654ST $500

Pro Ranges
SKSDR360GS $3,000
SKSDR480SIS $5,000
SKSGR360GS $3,000
SKSGR360S $2,000

Wall Ovens
SKSCV3002S $2,000
SKSSV3001S $1,250
SKSDV3002S $2,000

SKSDW2401S $150
SKSDW2402P $200

Microwave Drawer
SKSMD2401S $250

How to receive an additional package discount

Purchase an eligible refrigeration appliance.
French Door Refrigerators or Column Refrigerators + Freezers.

Purchase an eligible cooking appliance.
Pro Ranges or Cooktop/Rangetop + Wall Oven.

Purchase an eligible additional appliance.
Dishwashers, Wine Columns, Undercounter Fridges, Undercounter
Wine Columns, Microwave Drawer, Ventilation Hoods.

SAVE an additional $500
when you purchase this package.

Signature Kitchen Suite SKSDR480SIS 48-inch Pro Range

Signature Kitchen Suite combines professional kitchen appliance technology, functionality, and features like sous vide to create the ultimate chef’s kitchen in a luxury designed package.

Backed by LG Electronics, SKS offer a new generation, innovative, high end built-in Kitchen Appliances for Technicureans.

We carry complete collection of Signature Kitchen Suite Canada Appliances including: Ranges, Refrigeration, Cooktops, Refrigerator And Freezer Columns Ventilation, Wall Ovens And Dishwashers.

If you have questions about their prices contact us at please feel free to email us at or call us at (905) 944-0060 and we will give you the best Price possible.

Precision, power, and versatility is the Signature Kitchen Suite recipe for ensuring everything you make is made in the best way possible.

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