Tips for Designing a Traditional Kitchen with Modern Appliances

You love your warm, welcoming, timeless traditional kitchen design but you only need to make some minor updates to boost its functionality? You are at the right place. After all, your kitchen is your multitasking space- cooking, prepping, relaxing, entertaining and many more. This means you want a kitchen which is not only hardworking but also good-looking. Therefore, it’s only practical to upgrade the kitchen to include high-tech appliances, hassle-free kitchen tools without losing the traditional vibes. To make this vital space more functional, the most -effective yet beautiful, modern kitchen appliances will help you achieve that. Here are modern appliances to seamlessly integrate into your traditional kitchen and transform it into a space everyone will enjoy.

Add a stove side pot filler

If you do a lot of cooking, you can definitely agree that carrying a huge pot to and fro the kitchen sink can be strenuous. It is more of putting heavy strains on your back, hand and wrist. A pot-filler is really a great multi-tasking tool as you can fill pots rights on the stove, free up the sink area for washing veggies and all the while minimizing the chances of spills and mess that comes with carrying your pot about. Act and feel like a 5-star restaurant chef in your classic victorian kitchen with pot fillers.

Make your kitchen island more functional

The old European-style kitchen islands or the farmhouse tables are the modern kitchen islands. These kitchen islands are fast replacing the farmhouse cook tables for many reasons. The kitchen island serves as more than a center piece and can perform other useful work than you can imagine. For one, you can include refrigerator drawers that can be transformed into a wine refrigerator to keep your precious wines. A huge convenience for a refreshing time with loved ones as you settle down to a bottle of chilled, well-flavoured wine. Moreover, you can incorporate other built-in appliances like microwave, oven, dishwashers into its designs to free up space in the kitchen. Since homeowners now have the ability to run plumbing and electrical works into kitchen islands, the options are limitless.

Smart Convection Microwave Drawer- an inevitable kitchen appliance

Advancement in technology has gifted us several smart appliances that even a traditional kitchen cannot resist. One of these is Convection Microwave Drawer that combines sensor microwave with convection cooking which makes it an inevitable appliance for home cooks. It is also wifi enabled and smart home compatible to provide a modern cooking experience. The dual convection fan allows turntable-free baking, roasting, grilling, and air frying. To crown it all, it offers great design flexibility as it can be installed below an island, peninsula or wall oven. The elegant design can complement any kitchen style.

Every smart kitchen needs a smart refrigerator

Every kitchen needs a refrigerator for functional space. Better still, a smart refrigerator for better control, convenience and efficiency. This appliance goes beyond freezing food items and comes with powerful built-in features set to revolutionize your kitchen experience. This refrigerator can detect the type of items stored in it and automatically generate a shopping list for users to buy at the grocery stores. Moreover, it keeps track of other important details such as expiration date and usage. A smart one for the elderly or children who might otherwise have overlooked these expiration dates as they are easily notified of which items to throw off. Ever wanted to have a big screen in your kitchen while you prepare dinner? A smart refrigerator is your sure bet. Plus, generally, these appliances are well-renowned for cutting down electricity bills as they can monitor and save energy.

A juicer can be a great addition to any kitchen

If you are health-conscious, a juicer is definitely something you should consider for your kitchen. In a fast-paced world, fresh juice is considered a great alternative to soda while on the go. It saves time and helps in catching up on other important nutrients as well. A multi-purpose juicer will not only allow you to blend fruits but also vegetables, lentils, or spices. Hence, you can come up with refreshing smoothies and healthy juices that your tongue and body will love.

You need Insta pot for Insta meal

This electric pressure cooker is all the rave for the moment. Who does not love less cooking time with less energy consumed? If one of the reasons why you dread cooking is because of the time or the energy that goes into it, then, an Insta pot is worth investing in. It extends beyond the old pressure cooker to offer more safety. It is designed with a safety mechanism, unlike a pressure cooker which is susceptible to an explosion, which can cause a mess or injury. Moreover, this cooking pot is multifunctional. This means it can be your electric pressure, slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, steamer or warming pan, browning pan-all in one appliance. What else can a home cook want? Plus, you get enough time to treat yourself to a relaxing nice meal as you save almost 70% of cooking time.

These modern kitchen appliances are worth every penny for functional, seamless and aesthetically pleasing traditional kitchen design ideas. While at it, set a realistic budget according to your needs and preferences before making any buying decision.

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