Top Kitchen Trends in 2021 with Long-lasting Style

The kitchen tends to wear many hats- cooking, entertainment, socializing, family team huddle among others. It’s no surprise new trends are popping up every time to make this heart of the home a welcoming and warm one.

Recently, modern homeowners, technological advancement coupled with the new family dynamics are transforming the kitchen decor landscape. What seems to be the deal a few years where the kitchen was majorly for preparing meals might not cut it anymore.

It’s 2021! What are the kitchen trends to look forward to? Here, we share the trends that will rock this new year. Whether it’s amazing colors or seamless innovative appliances, here are ideas that will inspire you.

You can never go wrong with bolder colors

While the timeless white will never go out out of style, bolder colors are popping up to bring life to an old kitchen. Colors such as green, yellow, ivory, gray are rising in popularity both for walls and as ascents. The kitchen walls might be lefts in white, while you sweep the cabinetry into beautiful colors of your choice. The warmer shades of color also tend to bring some warmth and comfort especially during this period of the pandemic. It’s no surprise many are opting for these comfort-colors.

Black is the new beauty

Black is all the rage in 2020 and this isn’t stopping anytime soon. This monochrome trend is like the little black dress bringing in some elegance, sleekness, and style. From the enameled cabinets to gold fixtures and hardware to the geometric glass tiles, a black kitchen is anything but boring.

Smart storage for an organized kitchen

Smart Kitchen Storage
If there is anything that will never go out of style, its storage, and functionality. From small appliances to ingredients to kitchen utensils, we need a lot of things to get things done in the kitchen. However, while the kitchen might be the busiest place, it doesn’t have to be chaotic. This means we will be seeing more of a ladder kitchen wardrobe. Whether it’s large enough to take in the majority of the goods or small enough for organized, minimalist storage, staying organized is the goal. While at it, add a cold storage facility for long-term preservation of food.

Big kitchen islands are taking over

The list of kitchen trends 2021 is never complete without mentioning the large kitchen islands. Kitchen islands are becoming homeowner’s favorite for good reasons- first-rate functionality, classic designs, better storage, entertainment, perfect gathering spot, and many more. It has become a focal point in the home, meeting the modern-day needs of socializing and having fun with friends and family while they settle down to an enjoyable meal. Plus, with the new norm of work from home, you get more room for work, studies, and kids’ activities. Coupled with this, we might be seeing more of a built-in island dining. A perfect solution for a versatile workplace designated dining area and social gathering.

Bringing the kitchen outside is the new vibe

Bringing Kitchen Outdoor - Kitchen Trends
Though the outdoor kitchen has been around for a while, the covid 19 has further stressed its importance. Bringing an outdoor vibe is a way to be close to nature, add some outdoor vibes, and for entertainment. To get the most of it, create more room for natural lighting to pour into the kitchen and this lies heavily on the location of the kitchen- that is if you are just remodeling or building from scratch. If not, you can ditch the heavy blinds for soft linen for an easy indoor-outdoor flow. You can also bring in outdoor elements by making use of plants, flowers, and outdoor furniture.

Hidden appliances are gaining grounds

Hidden Storage Space - Kitchen Trends
There are certain functional kitchen elements that you will rather prefer not to be displayed. More reason why hidden appliances are the new trend. These appliances are simple yet effective ways to make the kitchen more organized and elegant. They also make a small kitchen feel more put together and classy. However, if you are not ready for the pricey hidden appliances, you can make your kitchen more uniform and elegant by hiding your appliances behind the cabinets.

Enjoy the decorative range hoods trend

No more hidden range hoods, it’s time for the eye-catching ones to shine. When we say decorative range hoods, this is not based on colors but rather on the materials it’s made of. In terms of functionality and visually appealing, marble, thin veneer porcelain or steel material are taking the forefront. These are eye candies that can transform your kitchen.

Smart kitchen technologies become more popular

Smart kitchens are modern age innovative kitchens and they are here to stay. Apart from making cooking easy, they come with a lot of other benefits in terms of saving energy cost and beauty. Sensors, Motion detection such as touchless faucets are among the latest techs taking kitchen games to a higher level. Another good example is smart refrigerators which can communicate with the internet and alert you whenever a food item is to be replenished.

We are seeing a huge kitchen trend in terms of functionality, styles, and beauty. It’s time to brings some beauty, convenience, and happiness to your kitchen.

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